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Friday, September 14, 2007

Rachel Ray is almost 40!

I had no idea she was so old! I was going to post a photo of her on this post, but there is so much soft porn of her floating around the net that you can't do an image search without running into her in nothing but stockings and a bra sucking on a strawberry erotically. Well...that's the last damn time I watch 30 minute meals! I certainly can't do it and feel honest now...

I'm blogging right now essentially because I have become a Jam Sessions DS widower. I gave Jen a crack at it (her request came as quite a surprise) and she's been working on it for the last hour.

Quote of the day courtesy of Homer Simpson (yelling at Bart after he was caught shoplifting): Don't you ever listen to the guy who talks up front at church?! Captain what'shisname!

I love that one.


R said...

Wow. I never knew she was almost 40. She's been single a LONG time. Didn't she only recently get married? And she is totally not a hotty---why is there soft porn of her online? Eh? Gross.


Niki said...

Almost 40 is NOT OLD!!! Good grief. Will you never learn that you don't talk about a woman's age? I'm going to give Jen a call and have her box your ears you little whippersnapper! ;)

Love the Simpson's quote! lol

Dapoppins said...

I never wanted to be Rachel...I want to be Nigella. And forty is old. very old. I think I need a walker.