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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Song That Never Ends...

Jen and I went and picked fresh blackberries last night. The season for them is almost completely over, but there were still plenty on the vine and we intend on going back tonight for more. Free food rules! A mile down the street, Safeway is selling fresh blackberries (fresh being a relative term) for $3 for 8oz. We made about $25 last night, according to that price point...and ours came right off the vine. I'll be making either pies or cobbler today. I'll have to run down some vanilla ice cream. Yum.

The mechanic actually came out to fix our car yesterday. I tested it once he was done, and it braked nicely. As we were coming back after dusk from berry picking, we noticed that the brake lights were on...and the remote start no longer works... So, I'm calling the mechanic when they open in about 45 minutes and telling them to come back and fix my car...again! QueenJaymz had to get a ride into work this morning because of all of this. And I have to stay at the house because the guy is coming to install our new satellite tv system. They better come get it. This is getting old.

Today is somewhat of a day of rest for me. I'm looking forward to it. I'm needing to get some "no guilt" relaxation in. I've been going and going and going pretty much every day since Sunday last week. I'm too pooped to pip.

I'll take before and after shots of the blackberries. I will taunt you with their deliciousness...and, unlike someone else I know, I will post the recipe.


clumsy ox said...

Fresh blackberries are awesome. I really miss that; almost as much as I miss huckleberries.

Sally said...

Oh man, how I miss the fresh produce of the west coast...Kansas is letting me down in that area.

The $4 I spent on bitter hard blackberries solidified that thought a couple weeks ago...made me think back to when I was 9, and I just walked out to the vines in Great Grandma's backyard and ate myself silly on blackberries and boysenberries and strawberries and watermelon and oranges and fresh green beans...aww, the central valley!

Chelf said...

We used to go out picking blueberries for Dad's fresh morning pancakes. I love the Northeast!

Granny had currant bushes in her orchard. I helped her one year. Those things are a pain to get the seeds out of. But my friend Becca remembered me saying something about it once, and gave me some Dried Currants for a gift.

I still have not found the apple butter recipe. I am really frustrated by that. Oh, well. I can always try what you show us!

Niki said...

Cobbler...think cobbler. ;)