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Friday, November 16, 2007

Back in the Saddle

I am finally well enough to function again. I went into CityTeam yesterday. Sadly, the day I returned was the day one of the guys in the long-term recovery program stole $20 and left. He said he needed the money for a low cost dentist to get a tooth pulled. He had his backpack on and said it had his raincoat in it. He complained about how much room it took up. Promising a receipt in return for the cash, he left, and we all said "We'll see you later today."

He left at 10:30 and hadn't returned by 3pm. Guys started talkin'. When I left at 5pm, it was very clear what had happened. $20 is the street price of a bag of crystal meth...his drug of choice before entering the program.

Sadly, I had given him some info that enabled his fleeing from the program. I didn't knowingly help him leave, but I looked up some old friends for him that he told me "would be happy to know I'm here, getting help and doing okay."

He'd not yet been in the program a month. He was on day 28 or 29, though.

Well, life isn't all bad. Again, I was afforded the opportunity to get to better know one of the guys there. He's an awesome guy that I was thankful to have the opportunity to talk to him for the better part of the afternoon.

It was actually just nice to be back among the living. I'm finally healthy enough to get off the couch without having to worry about throwing up. However, and eHarmony commercial is on right now, ruining that feeling. Anyway, it's nice to be able to get up and around and get into "the out-of-doors."

Tonight, I'll be hanging with the men from the house church. We're going bowling. I'm looking forward to it.

If I get the chance to post this weekend, I will. If not, I'm stoked to be making a bunch of beer and pop on Tuesday! I'm doing a true homemade lemon-lime pop (with fresh lemons and limes, and a hint of fresh sage from my herb garden) and I'm making sarsaparilla from extract. Woohoo.

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