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Monday, November 12, 2007

By popular demand...

Since I'm getting so many comments lately (none), I figured my popularity is skyrocketing and I should take the opportunity to promote things I love.

I recently discovered a couple of websites that I'm in love with. Being unemployed and in financial dire straits, the price is right: FREE. That's right.

The first website I have fallen in love with is called re:PocketMod. As a person who does not own a PDA, I often find myself scrambling for a piece of scratch paper or sticky notes when I need to record something so I don't forget it or to write down some contact info from a friend when talking to them on the phone or meeting them elsewhere. PocketMod is the solution. It is a fully customizable organizer printed on a sheet of 8.5x11" piece of paper folded into eighths, so it fits easily into your pocket. You can print everything from plain writing grids to grocery lists to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly calendars in many different formats to conversion tables to tip charts, and I could go on. If you dig a daily quote, sudoku or word jumble to kill time when you are getting the oil changed, it has about 10 different little games, too.

I have printed this out and am using it. I love the pages that allow you to record information for your contacts. Now, when I write down a name and a phone number, I have something that will help me record it and I can stick it in my larger planner/organizer/address book when I get home.

To save paper, I print one on each side of paper and then use each side. It's pretty cool.

Speaking of recording things in your planner, check out D*I*Y Planner. There are thousands of customized, printable planner pages available 100% for free there. You really ought to check it out. If you have a paper cutter or guillotine, it really helps, however, a hole punch and scissors are all you need (and work quite well). Truth be told, the fold and tear method works even better.

If you struggle staying organized, here's a great free way to get started. Or, if you're a person who has a particular fancy for how you want your planner to look and are sick of the pre-formatted ones that make all of the decisions for you, this is the website for you.

I'm still home sick today. I'm hoping to be feeling up to being up and around tomorrow. We'll see.


Brett said...

You don't get comments cause no one likes you.
I like you, but you give me beer, so I'm obliged to.

Just kidding!

Niki said...

I like you and you know better than to give me beer. ;)

Sorry you're still sick. I called you guys last night to check on you. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Shan said...

Commenting to acknowledge that you put yourself out here and I read.

And my new(ish) favourite website is magnatune.com.

R said...

not many comment on my blog either. LOL.

Hope you get better.

Anne said...

I'm quite low on the comment pole myself which is a struggle at times for someone like me. But, I shall survive!

Thanks a BUNCH for the planning sites - I'm in a huge need for free help. I've been doing FlyLady.com and she has helped but who can afford a huge planner that doesn't do what you want? I've been trying to create my own. I DO like to print my calendar on nice heavy paper though.