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Sunday, November 11, 2007

To those who serve...

A big shout out to all our veteran's. Today is Veteran's Day, the official one, though observance will be Tuesday. Agreeing with policy or not, you will only find gratitude from me for those who lay their lives on the line for the sake of keeping the peace, at home and abroad.

So, here's to you, the police officers, fire fighters, EMTs and men and women in the military services. I hearken back to 9/11 on a day like this, and I reflect on the sacrifice of all of you. God bless you and keep you safe in the execution of your civil duties. As Paul said, the government doesn't bear the sword in vain.

Speaking of serving, the young neighbor girl I mention on occasion has nits in her hair. Yikes. As a precaution, we're spraying the whole house, redoing all of the laundry and doing lice shampoo treatments on ourselves. However, her neglectful guardian will not do anything to take care of her lice/nit problem. Even if it gets reported to her school, he won't do her laundry or spray their apartment. Hell, chances are he won't even wash her hair with the lice shampoo or comb through it to get the nits out (she's special needs and doesn't bathe properly, when she does bathe, which isn't often). He'll probably just give it to her and expect her to do it, and it won't happen.

The question is: what do you do? We can't afford to spray the place every time she's here. The lice killing spray isn't cheap. We can't turn her away, because Christ would not turn her away. And, obviously, there's no talking to the neglectful guardian, because they really couldn't care less about her.

That is the challenge of living missionally, as Christ commissioned us. Children develop an image of God based on the adults who have the most influence in their lives. How do we be Jesus to this kid in this situation?

Well, I'm off to pray and hope.

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Brett said...

Lice, and he's not doing anything about it? Is he retarded? Sheesh....
If you could afford it, buy him the freaking shampoo, or have some friends pitch in and get it. Then do his apartment and laundry for him.
That's sad to see parents not caring for their kids.

Niki said...

You could show her how to use it and be the one to get the nits out. Sounds gross, I know, but someone has to do it. If left too long she can get infections from lice bites and it can spread to everything. I've been there with a girl that was in my youth group. She and her Dad were living in a crappy hotel room and she had lice REALLY bad. We had to help her. Her Dad didn't know how.

Tea Tree Oil...good stuff!