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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The manly craft

I was hoping to get at least a few comments on that last post, but I guess it was just a pipe dream. Oh well. I've spoken my piece.

I've taken up loom knitting over the last week and I'm really enjoying it. I'm currently making a scarf and a cowl for QueenJaymz. They are both turning out really nicely. I'm making mistakes and having to undo stuff, but it is not without value.

My one gripe on it, however, is that yarn is so freaking expensive! Especially that "fun fur" yarn that "magic scarves" are made out of. You pay twice the price for a third the length of most other yarns! I plan on making one for QueenJaymz, but that'll have to wait until we have some money. That sucks.

I'll probably make a cowl for myself next (I'm not a scarf fan because the long loose ends annoy me). I'll probably use black wool for that. It'll go with a couple of nice sweaters I have, as well as my black leather jacket.

I had been dying for a while for something productive and creative I could do on a more regular basis. I make beer, but that only happens once every six weeks, sometimes even less frequently. I wanted tangible results, too. I don't remember how I fell upon loom knitting (also called "knitting without needles), but I did some spool knitting in the fourth grade as a school project, and I really took to the idea of picking it up again. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm making huge progress on my projects.

Well, I'm off to get to finishing my ISP. I need to make significant headway on my annotated bibliography today, so I'm going for it hard.

Season's blessings,


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clumsy ox said...

I've never tried loom knitting. I have dabble in knitting, crochet, and tatting. Of those, I like tatting the best.

Post some pictures of your finished stuff.

Chelf said...

I can crochet a really long string, but that is about it. I watched a girl knit a scarf. I can do that, as long as she started it for me. Maybe something for me to learn this year?

I personally like cross stitch and sewing.

Niki said...

Guitar. I'm playing guitar...and my banjo. That is what keeps my hands busy when my children aren't doing that for me. ;)

I want a scarf...my winter coat is nice, black, and very plain. I need some color. If I send you some yarn, will you work your magic fingers and make me a scarf?