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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

An Evening to Remember

I spent last night helping a good friend of mine brew his second batch of homebrew and bottling up his first batch. We made an oatmeal stout and, though there was a hiccup or two, it came out really nicely.

What made the evening one to remember was how involved his daughter got with the whole process. She's a very special girl. She's many years beyond her physical age in wisdom and character. I want to say she's 11, but I can't remember exactly. Maybe she's 12.

Anyhow, she wanted to help, so we got her involved. She was able to do a lot of things to help in the production of the batch. When I saw an opportunity to have her dad guide her in how to do something, I'd instruct him on how to help her do it so she could.

It gave me the warm fuzzies in a few ways. It reminded me of how I began to help my dad brew around the very same age that she is. It was a great bonding experience for us. I can't explain it, but there is something sacred about the bond a parent and child can share in the making of homebrew. I'm sure it applies to other things too, but making beer is what I know.

The other thing that gave me the warm fuzzies was watching a father and a daughter share that bond. It is obvious that she adores her daddy and that he loves her very much. Using the talents that God has given me and cultivated a passion for in me that makes that bonding experience possible is a priceless feeling. It's not that I brought them together, but that they were brought together by their love for each other through something I was able to teach. I see God speaking His love in situations like this.

The evening was a real blessing to me, even though I'd only slept 2 or 3 hours the night before and was tired beyond measure. The joy I experienced beyond expression.

I'm still a little tired today, if you couldn't tell by my repetition of verbs and nouns. I need to bottle my beers today and get my wine bottled, too.

See ya soon, J


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I always loved those bonding moments I had with my dad when I was younger. There wasn't anything in particular that we did together...but I always enjoyed it. I still enjoy my little one on one time with him today.

Chelf said...

I used to take my dolls out to the truck, and play in the bed while dad tinkered at the engine. I would also help him by finding tools that he needed.

I miss those days.