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Monday, January 21, 2008


"She said yes! In your face Springfield!" - Homer J. Simpson

I did it, people. Honestly, I've been too excited since 2a.m. this morning to reflect on anything. For the first time in my life, I intentionally set a meaningful goal for myself, set my own deadline and achieved it. No one told me that I had to do it. I did it. And I did it for myself. Man, it feels good.

Last night, at 1:55 a.m., exactly three hours and fifteen minutes before the twenty-seventh anniversary of my birth, I sent off the last two chapters of my project to my program adviser at Corban College. Sweet lady freedom, let's make out! I will be graduating in May. It is the best birthday gift I could get this year, and I have given it to myself.

Achieving this is just amazing, and it makes me truly believe that I CAN reach the goals I've set for myself this year. How great is that. I'll take a boost of self-confidence (no Enzyte required).

God has really blessed me this year. As I pause to reflect on my life, I contemplate on what He's given me: I have His love, the faithful commitment of a wonderful woman, many friends and cheerers-on who have come alongside me for this journey, I'm involved in a fellowship that is investing in my spiritual growth, and now I have a degree. Oh yeah.

For those of you who can remember the song, I'd say it's been a long December and there's reason to believe that maybe this year will be better than the last. A really good reason.

Well, now that I've danced my way down the blog post here, I'm going to go dance my way through the rest of the day. And I always dance like no one's watching!


Dapoppins said...

That is so cool! Yeah for you!

Chelf said...

I will cover my eyes, and not watch you dance. Better yet, I can dance in your honor from here!


I had two birthday cupcakes today, one for my buddy Josh who is 10, and we shall say the other one was for you. That's my story. :-)

Jan Parrish said...

Happy birthday Jared. You gave yourself one heck of a bday gift. Congratulations. Great job.

pilgrimguide said...

Very, very proud of you. Happy (belated) birthday. I think this one birthday you will remember many years from now as significant and probably one of the better gifts you've received. May you soar in your new found freedom and rejoice in this great accomplishment.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...


I am very glad that you are celebrating your accomplishments and your birthday. :)

I think I will be singing that song for the rest of the day...good thing it's a good song or else I'd be mad!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the great accomplishment!

Delia said...

Woo Hoo!!! Yay for you!

And Happy Birthday!!!

trespassers william said...

So is that a master's you are talking about?

MugwumpMom said...

Know it's late....but..CONGRATULATIONS!! Bet it feels good.

Danielle A. said...

Stumbled upon your blog from Silverneurotic's blogroll. Congratulations on finishing your project! Happy 2008. :)