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Monday, February 18, 2008

No Irish Need Apply

So, I'm doing this whole "looking for work" thing, and I'm trying to take it seriously. Sadly, pounding the pavement is not how you find jobs anymore. It's sitting on your can and looking through thousands of ads on "teh Internets." It gets old to an extrovert who'd actually pay the disgustingly high price for a cup of Starbucks coffee (shudder) so as to get some human interaction that isn't by phone. Hey!...I wonder if they're hiring?

Anyway, I'm trying to find a job. I need to make about $35,000 this year (that's in American dollars, which is the equivalent to Monopoly money if you live in Canada or Life money if the Euro or Pound Sterling is your currency), but I probably need to pull in closer to 40 or 50 if I want to hit all my goals for the year. I have an interview with a "high-end" corporate placement agency on Wednesday.

My ancestry is mainly German and Irish/Scottish. You know, those ethnicities that are famous for getting drunk and fighting. All this time staying boarded up in my apartment is bringing that out in me. I have to work harder to curb my more aggressive tendencies when I'm stuck indoors so much.

I took a walk to take my mind off things and to just spend some time talking to God. As much of a success that I've been lately with school and professional life, my faith has struggled some. What do you do when you have to completely reshape your worldview from scratch? The Holy Spirit has led me new places in my faith over the last year that few others have tread...or rather is it that most aren't treading? I'm not sure. Anyhow, I just spent time talking to God about where He has brought me and reminiscing about where we've been. It was refreshing. I felt His presence in a very strong way.

Some other things came out of my time with Him today (is not all our time in His presence? I wonder where that expression came from), but those are for another post.

Anyway, I'm back on my blogging horse. People can start stopping by regularly again. I'll start visiting others again. I'm gathering steam.


clumsy ox said...

It's probably "few others have trodden" or "few others trod".

Not that I actually care how you express it, I just thought I'd put in my vote.

I hate job-hunting, and I get to start that wonderful pastime again this month. Ugh. I'm looking for something in Alberta or British Columbia.

I've been tracking your blog almost all along, so I'm looking forward to you getting back on the wagon.

Chelf said...

...that few others have trod. Or where others have feared to tread. Whatever.

I am glad to see you around again.

You and QueenJaymz are in my prayers. You will stomp all over whatever you are lead to do! (in a good way!)

Delia said...

Good luck with the job-hunt. I know you'll find something good.