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Monday, February 25, 2008

Queen Latifah is a sell out...or is she?

People here know I'm big on just being who you are and being comfortable with that. I rail against the constant message from the culture that if we don't look like runway models that we aren't acceptable and that we should never dare to go swimming in public.

Because of this, I've always admired Queen Latifah. I truly think that she's many men's "guilty" celebrity crush because she doesn't look like Gweneth Paltrow or Nicole Kidman. She busts the cultural norms, so most guys wouldn't want to admit to it. I remember having a huge crush on her as a teenager, though, and I still think she does well in defying the cultural norms for beauty and still being considered a gorgeous woman. She just radiates "sexy" and "confident."

So, I about crapped myself when I saw the most recent Jenny Craig commercial, and it featured her. I felt upset. For so long, she has celebrated the fact that she's plus-size and gorgeous. Was she jumping ship to the dark-side? Did she sell out?

Apparently, not, which is an incredible relief to me. We have enough people pissing on us daily in this culture that we need advocates for acceptance where we are. She is an incredibly important person in that "battle." So, when I read this article, I was happy to see that, not only did she not sell out, she's also carrying a message of leading a healthier lifestyle. Nothing more and nothing less. How about that? A message of affirmation of who we are along with a caring call to lead a healthier lifestyle. Isn't that what we really have needed to hear all along?

I truly think that the naziesque standard of beauty in this country has caused more eating disorders than it's prevented. I think the message that Queen Latifah is bearing is one worth repeating. I think that we'd truly see a reduction in the obesity rate (both childhood and adult) and all the other health issues that go along with it if hers was the primary one that was communicated.


silverneurotic said...

Over the last few months I made a concentrated effort to get back into a more healthier lifestyle by exercising and eating better...I told my friend about what I was doing, and the few extra pounds that I had shed and he thought I was crazy!

As much as I appreciated hearing that he thought I looked fine the way I was before, it kind of annoyed me that he seemed to just gloss over the physical and mental satisfaction I was getting from the exercise and better diet. It was like he was just assuming that I wanted to become some rail thin girl.

I'm glad that Queen Latifah is doing what she's doing...I hope that she has success and more so, I hope that it gives her a boost of happiness. It's a great feeling.

Delia said...

I was the same way when I first saw the commercials. But then I found out that she's doing it for the health not to lose weight and that just became another thing to admire about her.