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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Among the wheels of cheese, grown men cry...

For seventeen years, since I was ten, we have not known NFL football without Brett Favre. Today, we have learned that he is retiring. He is, to me, the last of the great quarterbacks from the class/caste of Marino and Montana. He represents the greatness of what NFL football is. I'm quite sorry to see him go. I suppose it is time that the torch be passed to the next generation of quarterbacks. I'm not ready to see him go, though. Green Bay was great last year, and I was hoping for another year or two of it. I'm not too sure that I like the idea of a Favreless NFL. It's hard to fathom. There's always a new tomorrow, though, whether or not we are ready for it.
Anyway, from someone whose comment Brett Favre will never see, I'll just say: Thanks for the memories, Brett. Your greatness and legend will outlive you in Wisconsin. Yet, you truly are just like any other guy, not letting celebrity get the better of you. Thanks for not dating whoever was the 1992 equivalent of Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton.

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