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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back in...red and denim

I always loved "Back in Black" by AC/DC. An argument could be made that they are the greatest rock band of all time, but I'll leave that to the music snobs. They aren't my favorite band, but they're in my top five in the rock/metal category.

Well, I am back...mostly. I'm well enough to be up and around. Hopefully it sticks. I felt pretty good yesterday morning, too, and then hit a real low. Either way, I'm making breakfast and trying to do worthwhile things after days of laying on the couch and doing nothing. It wears on you. Especially when you don't have a job and the last of the summer wine (unemployment) ran out two weeks ago.

Nothing more to report on the work front, except more rejection letters. I'm going to fill out a Starbucks application and then copy it about thirty times and turn one in to every one in my city. I'm getting desperate for an hourly job. And, ironically, you're more employable when you already have a job. So, I figure if I get something to get me by, it will help me in more ways than one. We'll see what happens. I'm still shooting for those big jobs, too.

It's been too long since I brewed beer. I miss the experience of it all. I need to get on it. Especially since warmer weather is coming.

I know most of my posts have been pretty inane and about the boring details of my existence. I'd really like to post more on things I'm kicking around in my head. However, I'm not sure that I'm ready to stir the pot and take on the criticism that I'm sure it will bring. Life has been very difficult lately, there's been a lot of struggle in my marriage and I've had depression coming in waves. With that, it's difficult to feel like I want to take on anything else. I suppose that I will see in the days to come. It'd be nice if some fresh thought was met with a warm welcome.

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