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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Listening to the physician

I'm currently working my way through Luke. It's the Gospel I Know the least, so I thought I'd spend some quality time there.

I noticed a couple of things as I was plodding along through it, today. First, I've always felt a great deal of pressure about charismatic spiritual gifts. I have friends who experience them frequently. However, I don't. Certain people have placed the thought in my mind that the lack of experiencing that has something to do with my faith. Today, reading Luke 5:17, it clicked. It is of God who gives, not of me. If I am willing and believe, I'm doing my part, and He will gift me as He sees fit.

The other thing I noticed is the last line of his talk on new wine and new wineskins. "And no one, after drinking old wine wishes for new; for he says, 'The old is good enough.'" I guess I see this today with some people who are in the traditional church. They say, "The old is good enough" thinking that the simple/house churches are not a legitimate expression of the body of Christ. This is truly a case of new wine going into new wineskins. I've not left the traditional church for no good reason. I would ask those Brothers and Sisters in the Lord to see that I have tasted of new wine and that I cannot go back. I must be in a new wineskin. I am not called to the old, as they are not called to the new. We can learn much from each other and help each other, as we are both wine made from the grapes of the True Vine. We are called to live in loving relationship. We must remember that above all else.

That's about all today. Blessings.


MugwumpMom said...

Hmmmmm - when you say "if I'm willing and believe, I'm doing my part and He will gift me as He sees fit", I wonder what you mean. Here is my take...you are His son, His favorite in fact...He gifts you out of His love, (and not in accordance with your faith), so you can bless His other favorites ...learn to hear Him and you'll find yourself walking in your gifting moment by moment, as it is needed, when and how it is needed most...to one you will be a teacher, to another a prophet, to another a pastor..follow His lead in each of your relationships and be the gift you already are to the people He has put into your life for that purpose.

And great piece on the new wineskins - have always wondered what He meant, since it seemed to me anyway, that He changes topic, but in fact, is expanding...great stuff...as usual.

Anonymous said...


How are you my friend? I looked for your email and could not find it.

I also grew up in a little farming community in the Willamete Valley in Oregon. A town called Harrisburg. Just wanted to say hi.

Shoot me a email when you get a chance.


Dr. Ronald L. Casto Psy.D., M.C.C.

Anonymous said...

Possibly would help if I left my email:


Dr. Ronald L. Casto Psy.D., M.C.C.

berencamlost said...

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you have to have some sort of religious experience or do XY and Z to be a better Christian. I've had Pentecostals tell me I'm missing out on blessings cause I don't speak in tongues. What a load of phooey! Gifts are used to edify the body, not bloat yourself up in arrogance and pride.
And the whole house church/traditional church thing: God can use both to His glory.