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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little video fun


I guess that's a new Weird Al song. I love that dude. I had to laugh when I saw this, yesterday. It kinda touches close to home. I always joke about how the big blue bull gives some people the Schlitz.

After hearing from some of you yesterday, I might do it on just a rare occasion to show my readership that I can use good diction and that I'm not a crazed nut. Or would video evidence work against me on that?... I'd be fully clothed, anyway so you could marvel at my fully dressedness and good grooming! Just on rare occasion, though. Truthfully, I like writing as much as y'all like reading. It'd be hard to pry me away from that medium.

Last night at the missional group I'm a part of, we discussed the terms "organic" and "missional" and how they are related. One of the women in the group said something that really strummed the strings of my heart. She talked about when she thinks "organic" she also thinks "native" and how certain expressions of faith are native to her heart and others are not. She discussed this because she and her husband used to run with a very charismatic group and she just never felt like that was a native or natural expression for her faith. She's an older and wiser lady (at least twice my age, anyhow) and it really helped me to hear that. I've felt pressure from some people to keep a really open mind about that coming into my "faith walk" (I hate loaded terms, but I can't think of another way to put that), but it has never felt quite right to me. It is native to other peoples' personal faith, but not mine, and it's felt forced and foreign. It just isn't me at this point in time. And it's a radical thought to me that I can just be okay with that. I'm still detoxing from years of being guilt and shame driven in the traditional churches I was a part of.

To me, I think of many of the parables of Jesus. So many of them went back to the natural order. I think of the sower, the wheat and the tares/weeds, the vineyard tenders, the yeast working through flour, etc. So, I wonder, if left alone by people who would forcefully organized it by their paradigm, how would the Church exist naturally? I've been on that journey for a year now, and I'm getting an idea of what that looks like to some extent in my cultural/locational setting. I'm still searching, in a sense. I'm just "being" as who God made me to be, allowing Him to prune and tend to me, and feeling it out from there.

Wow, jokes about getting plastered and deep thoughts on Jesus and His Church all in one post. It's freeing to have others consider you "gone off the deep end" (not that I condone drunkenness or alcoholism). I like this being free to live stuff and just saying what is on my heart and what I often feel God calling me to say. It all just flows out as a part of who I am. Another blessing from Above on this fine day (James 1:16-18).

Blessings to you all,


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wingnutsunited said...

I freaking love that video! Hilarious!