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Welcome to the home of my mind, where I brew my intellectual and spiritual joe. Sit back and let me pour you a cup or two. I promise not to cut you off, even after you get the caffeine jitters.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A quick one...

Not much time today. I have to bottle a batch of beer since I'm now accountable for it. I'm on the hook for providing at our next missional group meeting.

I also have a job interview to seek out today. It's pretty much an automatic hire if they don't consider me over-qualified.




Anonymous said...

Hi Jared. Hope you're doing well. In advance of my confirmation into the Roman Catholic Church, I have written something and send it out to friends and acquaintances. If you provide me your e-mail, I would be happy to send it your way as well. You can reach me at ngclem@magma.ca

Ninja Clement

wingnutsunited said...

I liquor my kids up before bedtime, that's for darn sure!