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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't blink...

After a long absence, I’m desperate to return to my love of writing. I’m not around for many reasons. Mostly because my job is all consuming. I keep thinking that things will start to calm down and run smoothly, but they don’t.

Just after I started my current job, my in-laws broke 2 years of sobriety. QueenJaymz feels like she’s losing them all over again. But, I’ve not been available. Sadly, she’s had to walk through much of this alone because I come home from work, pound a couple beers and go to bed. After being beat on by DD clients and having to switch gears 1000 times during the day (that number is not much an exaggeration), I’m just out of mental, emotional and physical energy/strength.

I haven’t spent any real time with friends since I started this job. I’ve been completely absent and out of the loop. I need to get back to blogging, but how? I need to get back to writing, period.

I’m pretty much at the end of my rope on this. I need to get back to where I belong. I belong with friends. I belong writing. I belong completing my course requirements so that I can start my course with the American Brewers Guild in January. But I’m getting nowhere near those right now.

I know I just have hopped on here and am just bitchin’, but I needed to write something. I’m making some drastic changes and decisions in the very near future. Here’s to hoping that they lead to something positive. Those of you who do, pray for me. And I hope to “see” you all back here again, real soon ;)

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Delia said...

I'm praying for you and Jen. I know what it's like to have family members that struggle with alcohol addictions and the heartache that it brings. I'm also praying for your in-laws. I've seen what that struggle can do to people. I hope this battle is easily won; whether they want it to be or not.