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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A New Kind Piety

This afternoon, I got the privilege of hanging out with three of my favorite people. They are residents of a house that was offered up to a local drug/alcohol addiction recovery shelter as a step between living in the communal recovery facility and the "real world." It's not a half-way house, it's really just the next step to moving away from a recovery based living situation with lots of mutual accountability.

Anyhow, what strikes me about these three guys is how they go about living their lives. They all come from very rough backgrounds; decades of abusing drugs and/or alcohol. They've seen their families destroyed and their lives in ashes as a result of their addictions. Yet, as they live today, you might never really know it. You would if you sat down and asked them about it. They are very open and honest about their past mistakes. However, they approach life with a hopefulness that deserves notice. They know their past but rarely look back. They just look forward. They just think about today.

Also, there is a real humility they approach life with. They lean on God and their faith in Him. They do not consider themselves anything above others, but just seek to serve and show kindness when they find opportunity, or when opportunity presupposes on them. They are willing to share from what little they have.

They courageously lead "real lives" at their "real jobs" in the "outside world." They do so without running back to their addictions while looking out for others. Say what you want about their past lives, but you can't argue with how they live and who they are today. I want to know their Jesus. I think He's the real thing.


Dapoppins said...

I think you may be right...wish I could introduce them to my brother, but he says he likes his life ...sigh...

KingJaymz said...

The first thing any of them will tell you is that the person has to be ready for change. If not, anything and everything will be of little or no effect. I keep praying that both of my brothers will hit rock bottom and start on the road to recovery (I think my older brother has lived AT rock bottom for a lot of years). I feel ya. They both like their lives, too.

However, these guys didn't start the road to recovery until they were between 40 and 50 years old, and I knew guys at the shelter who didn't start their recovery until they were 70. There is hope.