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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is how we do it...

I'm always struck when I go back to the Beattitudes. Such striking things were spoken by Christ in those teachings. And the way He closed it out, he left no doubts about how strongly He felt about those things. He set it up as the foundation for living. If we want to follow Him, we have to start there and view everything else through that lens.

However, I'm surprised at how we've "minored" in Christ's most important teaching. The Beatitudes are held up as ideals, and, because of that, not taken as seriously as Christ intended. They aren't often taught in churches, so we trivialize it and mis-quote/take it out of context. We should be looking back to them in one way or another every week (we don't need sermons on it every week, if you fear that's what I'm saying).

I'm calling the church out on this one. Why are we looking so intently to the epistles for all the answers to living and calling that "gospel" when we've been given the ultimate answers by Christ already? Let's remember that we should interpret the epistles through the lens of the gospels, not the other way around. We refine Paul's words by Christ's, not Christ's words by Paul's. At least, I'm really certain that's what Jesus had in mind.

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Dapoppins said...

I work in the children's ministry at church, so the beatitudes and the fruits of the spirit are character building passages that we teach on yearly...they both always show up in the curriculum one way or another. I am sure as adults we also should be reminded regularly.