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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The True Blessing of the Rise of Secularism


I'm actually quite happy that secularism is on the rise. I know what many of you are thinking. It probably goes along the lines of, "How can you say that! We are losing our way in our country!" Maybe to some, but it is in losing "our way" that we can find the "true way" of being followers of Christ.

At no time during His life on earth did Jesus say, "I'm going to Jerusalem city hall, and we're gonna re-write the laws of this errant nation." Nor did He tell Pontius Pilate on the night of His trial, "You need to hand the kingdom over to me so that I can straighten out this society." You see, Jesus had a different position that He moved from. It was a place of humility and powerlessness. People of faith in this country want to move from a place of power and indignity over what they see happening. As high as the heavens are above the earth, so is God's ways above ours. This is God's way for those of us called to follow Jesus.

Far too long have we sat back and allowed the government to legislate our perspective and called it the work of the gospel in our land. The truth is, the work of the gospel is done by individuals living out their convictions in love, compassion and humility. The work of the gospel is done by bringing the "outsiders" in and being a messenger of God's peace and love to those in our lives, not by many words, but by actions.

The Body of Christ always functions it's best when it is a minority or equal to others, but still "outsider" class. We then have to find contentment in being the message by the way we live, rather than attempting to authoritatively legislate how others live. I mean, heaven forbid that we might have to get our hands dirty by showing compassion to homeless prostitutes, invite that lesbian couple who lives next door over to dinner just to invite them over to dinner and/or keep our mouths shut as we hear co-workers or neighbors talk about their beliefs in para-normal phenomenon (don't get me wrong; if the Holy Spirit prompts you to jump in the conversation for some reason, by all means; just don't confuse indignity or strong emotion with the leading of the Holy Spirit).

Words are easy to argue with. However, you can't argue with the fruit of a life, and if you argue with words early on so that another does not get the chance to see the fruit lived out, you are nullifying the powerful message of the gospel in your own life. Jesus tells us to let our good deeds shine before men so that they will bring honor to the Father in heaven, even from those who do not believe. He didn't tell us to let our words shine before men.

Maybe, just maybe, God is actively making our country secular again because He's tired of seeing His people either sit on their hands or just talk at people. American Christianity has the same sickness that Pharisaical Judaism of Christ's day had. It's time that we let the Spirit of the Great Physician make us well in our souls again so that we may honor Him by following His ways and that we may soar in the heavens with Him like the ancient saints once did.

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clumsy ox said...

As a Dispensationalist, I'm right there with you.