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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eventful Weekend After Eventful Weekend

We keep running crazy, and I pause as I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it. It's really a mixed blessing.

However, a blessing we received this weekend that I would never pass up, was that a blog friend became an IRL friend. Clumsy Ox and fam moved to a location about two and a half to three hours drive from us. We got to go up and visit them on Saturday, and man was it great. He and Ames are even cooler, kinder and more like Jesus in person than they appear in blogland. They kindly hosted us as we ate too much, drank too much, had way too much fun, then proceeded to stay too late. They bent over backwards to assure our comfort as we sat amongst their many still packed goods. And I learned a good deal about making delicious food with fire from burning hunks of wood (well, converted wood, anyway).

We had a wonderful time sharing with each other. We are on somewhat parallel journeys in our faith that have lead us both to seek out things in different directions. I learned a lot and was humbled by their wisdom of the Good News and the experience that has given them deep insight into what it means to live meaningfully as a follower of Jesus.

Their daughters are very thoroughly their father's children. They are all intelligent enough to make any adult thoroughly insecure about whether or not they possess the capability to carry on an intelligent conversation with them. They talked about Sherlock Holmes (I've never read any of those books), discussed scientific theory, and quoted important thinkers and theologians. They are truly such a smart family, it made me wonder if they dumb down their conversation for everyone.

However, Mark has enough redneck in him to make any ol' good Pacific Northwestern boy at home. And you gotta love that. He'll fit in well around these parts.

I'll have a post about the day we spent at the fair later on this week.



Ames said...

Thanks for the kind words.

You did not stay too late. I was only concerned because of the drive you still had to make. You still had a few hours before you broke the record for late visitors.

Chelf said...

Wise words from a friend of mine: Leave while you are still "guests".

Sounds like a lot of fun! Can I be jealous? I still have not gotten to the IRL part of the friendship. You planning on coming to OKC to see me anytime soon?

My mom is in Idaho this week. Guess that is as close as I get for now. :-)

Shan said...

They're cool, aren't they? We had them for 3 weeks.

Dapoppins said...

Sounds like you had a great ole' time!