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Monday, September 22, 2008

A couple of thoughts

I love having a blog that is my place. I make the rules. I allow or delete comments. I make posts with no literary flow. Golden. I'm master of the inane.

I've been thinking lately since I've been reading Brant Hansen's blog, Letters from Kamp Krusty. The guy has a perspective that is incredibly insightful. Plus, he puts it in such a way that makes you laugh your a** off. Anyway, this part of the post is essentially a rip of the idea(s) from one of his posts that I really resonated with (see his post here).

I have always asked myself, "What does it mean to be one of the 'poor in spirit' like Jesus talked about in the Beattitudes?" According to Dallas Willard, it's something like "Good news! In my kingdom, even the spiritually bankrupt get invites!"

I sincerely hope that is the right interpretation. I'm not a very "spiritual" person. I have many friends who have a charismatic type of faith (considered by most to be "more spiritual"), and I'm often uncomfortable talking to them about it. I'm a fan of them having a charismatic faith, but it's something that I don't have. At least, in the way our (church) culture has defined it. I don't speak in tongues or have testimonies of miraculous healings.

But it goes further than that. I hear even less charismatic folk say, "The other day, I could tell the Lord was saying such and such to me." That's great for them. I'm a fan of them having that kind of faith. But, I don't. The best I can ever muster is, "I think, maybe, that God was trying to tell me such and such, the other day, but I'm not really sure."

Some people pray prayers that are full of spiritual inspiration. Mine are usually just a repeating, word for word, but in "beseeching form", the prayer request that was made.

My spirituality, or apparent lack, thereof, has never made me question the idea of being a follower of Jesus. The goodness of His living and teachings are indisputable. His central message is of God's care for His children, and an inheritance of the kingdom of heaven to those with no inheritance, such as the sick (like those who suffer with AIDS), the widow and orphan (those abandoned by the ones they need the most), and those who society has rejected (the foreigner, the outsider, the different). That's me. That's the portion I want. That's the portion I live to inherit. It is the portion that God gives as a gift, out of generosity, and I'm so thankful He does.

With my recent disposition from dis position at work I used to have, I'm finding out, on short order, who is acting as a true friend, and the fair weather folk who don't want much to do with it. Might I suggest to you a new definition for a true friend? They're like the bomb squad. When everyone else is running away from trouble, they are courageously running toward it.  If you have a friend who finds themself in this same situation, sit with them a while, ask lots of questions, and show that you give a crap, because it isn't always as simple as, "I lost my job."

Since I'm unemployed, you can expect to hear from me more often. Writing is the salve that keeps my soul healthy during these tough times.

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