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Thursday, September 11, 2008

How Do We Remember?

As I realized that today is 9/11, I got a shock through my entire body. Maybe that's how my grandfolks' generation remembers Pearl Harbor day. I was gripped with remembrance of severe shock and sorrow that watching the unfolding events brought on.  I saw some archival footage of the crash just a few days ago, and I nearly wept at the sight of it.

However, as I consider the dramatic images and the loss that happened that day, I'm filled with a gratefulness for what didn't happen.  As scary and dramatic as it all was, we could have lost so many more.  The death toll ended up coming in somewhere around 3000.  With the number of people around both places, it could have easily been five to eight times that.  If the attacks happened later, it could have been fifteen to thirty times that at the twin towers, alone.

To me, this day is sacred.  It has little to do with the fact that any of them were US citizens (some weren't), though that it occurred on home soil makes it more powerful.  It is sacred because we remember the loss of innocent life.  No one can put a value on the life of a human being.  We must remember them.  Let us never forget...yet, let us remember with gratefulness that Divine Providence spared so many more.  Some said that God judged us on that day.  I say that He showed us mercy we weren't willing to see or accept.  I'm only sorry that it took me years after the fact to acknowledge that.


clumsy ox said...

Good call on God's judgment. While I am positive we deserve God's wrath, the 9/11 attacks or Katrina's beating on N'awlins aren't even on the same scale.

Good post.

Niki said...

mmmmm...I agree. Good post.