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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now get out there and "cell phones"

I hate cell phones.  Mine is a tool for my life, not a way of life.  If I want it on, I turn it on.  When I don't want to be bothered or am visiting someone I (*GASP*) turn it off.

I have Net10 as a service provider for my mobile phone.  Allow me to say, after you get everything set up, it's great.  No surprises, no catches.  Just ten cents a minute for talk and a nickel per text message.  Oh, and unlimited everything for about $80 a month, and that's all inclusive (taxes, fees, everything).

So, I decided I'm done with my little piece o' crap Nokia that Net10 actually paid me to take when the transaction was all said and done (I paid $20 for the phone and got $30 of airtime for free).  The deal with Nokias is that...they're pieces o' crap.  They take "special" headset jacks, the volume isn't great on the handset, and this one is not a flip phone, so my crotch or my a$$ (depending on the pocket it was in) is constantly dialing my contacts.

I go onto Net10's website and find the phone I want, and then order it.  They pay me, again ($54 for a phone and 900 minutes of air time), and I anxiously await my phone.

Two business days later, it arrives...like this.

FedEx took good care of it.

So, I drag my feet for a few hours, pound a cold one, play some video games, watch cruel and moronic frat boys give pink bellies to senior citizens on youtube (okay, I made that last one up). Finally, I get up the gall to call customer support, and this guy's cousin answers.

The resulting conversation goes pretty much just like this (caution: some foul language), except with less resolution and with me being completely dependent on the limits of his competency to get my address correct so that a replacement phone could be shipped to me (I had to correct him at least 10 times, not including the additional 7 times I had to restate my apartment number, just to have him say that it wasn't really necessary, and me explaining to him why it was because FedEx won't just drop the package the the driveway entrance to my apartment complex, and then restating my apartment number to him again 3 more times).

So, I'm just hoping and praying that he got enough of my information right so that the phone will end up here...by "here" I mean my apartment, not the driveway entrance.  I'm still waiting for it. I think it was on this truck.

I hate cell phones.

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silverneurotic said...

I like my cell phone except for the tiny little fact that half the time it doesn't want to ring. Since I kind of need it for work, that does pose a bit of an issue.