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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Werk, 'n stuff

After the entry on my Facebook update, I owe my loving friends an explanation. The paraplegic that I was working one-on-one with emailed my boss on Monday. She met in private with him on Tuesday.  We had a meeting Friday morning (yesterday). He emailed her, told a few lies about me, and then demanded my immediate removal as his primary care-giver. The company currently has no permanate full-time openings, so I'm a casual on-call floater. As such, my benefits are being revoked, and I'm guaranteed no hours.

It sucks to think about. But, in a sense, I am free. It was becoming a difficult situation there. He claims to be a Christian, yet tries to grab the asses of the female care givers. He charges others with legalism, when he is the one creating new laws. He uses racial slurs frequently, and judges others harshly. Because I think/thought I share his faith, I called him to a place of accountability for his actions using Scripture. I challenged him to do more than sit in front of the computer and play games/stare at porn/pay for internet scams, because he is incredibly capable and intelligent.  Apparently, he didn't like wearing the shoes of a man who is accountable for the life he is living.

I walk away clean, and I told my boss the same. In spite of his frequent insults, harrassment of staff and housemates and constant disregard for the safety of those around him (he was constantly having close calls with his power chair, often just barely missing seriously injuring innocent bystanders), I never compromised the care I gave him. Everyday, I took my job in providing his care to be God's task for me. I used discernment, grace and love as tools to get through my day, no matter what happened. I'm not perfect, and I made mistakes, but I always manned up and took responsibility. When given criticism, I stood accountable and took it to heart. When I was made aware of an offense, I always apologized and refrained from repeating.

So, I'm looking for a new gig, something not in the field of developmental disabilities. Anyone who knows where I live know of someone who wants to hire an honest, hard-working guy who will put in a whole-hearted effort every day?

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