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Thursday, October 16, 2008

In and Out

So, I've been absent.  I got better, QueenJaymz had a week of vacation, and then I got a job!  It's only temporary, but I'll take that.  I'm building some outside storage cabinets for some very generous friends.

It's been about seven years since I was doing this professionally, so I'm feeling a little rusty.  However, it feels soooooo good to be doing something I love and earning money for it.  A big difference between this job and other jobs I've had is that I have the freedom to buy tools I need if I see that I'm lacking them.  It's beginning to give me pause about what to do for a living.  I'm beginning to think that I will go back into carpentry...working for myself.  I like being my own boss, listening to the radio while I work, taking lunch when it suits me, and not having to answer to anyone for why I'm taking my time perfecting things, as opposed to hurrying up and getting it done.  I think I'll do a few cut-rate jobs where I charge cost for materials and under-charge for labor to get myself back into the swing of things, then make a decision.

I'm ditching this now, and heading off with eagerness to my job.  I feel guilty for getting paid to do this, so I'm anxious to start and do the best that I can.

I'll try to be a little more regular here.



Looney Mom™ said...

Awesome! I've been saying for years that i want to go back to school to learn carpentry. You should come and help us add on to our house! We definitely need to finish the inside of our garage so we can turn it into a bedroom.

I had no idea you were a carpenter. Very cool.

clumsy ox said...

Good on you. I have a lot of respect for carpenters. It's not nearly so easy as it looks.

I'm back in the NW. I'll catch up with you in the next few days.

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

I'm so happy that you're at a job that you love! Makes life so much easier! When theFM is at a job he doesn't like, it's misery for everyone! right now things are good though. I hadn't been here in a while!!

Niki said...

Please tell me you have a stocked First Aid kit handy. :P

I'm so glad you're enjoying your work. It's about freakin' time. lol

I'll call you tomorrow friend.