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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Playing the dilhole

I'm not apologetic for how I feel, but I'm remorseful that I don't feel different.  That's my disclaimer.

Well, Barak Obama is our president.  Woohoo and all that.  I'd be saying the same thing if John McCain had won.  I wrote in a very well respected friend's name (maybe I'll be his campaign manager in 2012, LOL).  I couldn't vote for either candidate, so I didn't.  I believe in the inalienable right to live for all innocent life, especially the unborn.  McCain changed his stance just before the campaign launched.  It could be said that Obama is pro-life, but not for changing laws in regard to abortion.  If he is able to accomplish some reforms in assistance to girls/women in crisis, it could lower abortion rates.  That's great, and I hope he does.

I want to feel great that the first black president has been elected, but I'm too dystopic about the state of politics.  It just doesn't seem to matter who wins, nothing good seems to come of it all.

However, I'm not black, native american or other minority group (as defined by the broader media, anyway), and so there is not the same sense of "our people can" that would probably be there if I were.  To the minority communities that were pulling for this, especially the black community, congratulations.  I do celebrate the hope that you now feel because of president-elect Obama.  I'm glad that you feel the joy and hope of a new day in our country.  I wouldn't feel that way no matter who won, so good on ya.

My hope for our new leader is that he makes us feel good to be Americans again, in the way the Ronald Reagan did.  President Reagan led with a genuineness and authenticity that won the hearts of his people.  I hope that Obama can do that.  I wish him well and will pray that God will guide and direct his steps.  The Scriptures command us to do so...and I don't imagine that they were too hot on their political leadership at the time Paul wrote that.

So, it may sound douchey, but it's where I'm at.  All I can hope is that God will bless America in the right ways, and make us a nation worth looking up to from the rest of the world.

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