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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What, how and hope

I’ve never fully understood what has been meant in that Christ is our healer.  Scripture says it (specifically in Isaiah), and I’ve “believed” it, but I’ve not understood it, outside of knowing people who have been miraculously healed from diseases by God through prayers of the saints (that’d be any Christ follower, not some dude or chick that was decidedly special in the eyes of any spiritual “big-wig”).

Monday last week, I got a real taste of it.  I’d been hurting because of some serious struggles I’ve been having.  There are ways I’ve never seemed to be able to get out of my own damn way so that what God has created good in me could be expressed toward others.  Well, some things had come to a real head, and I was ready to “jump”.  Things had become more than I could bear.  So, I called a friend from our Short Bus church group.  He invited me up to talk about it.  So, I went.

I helped him not so gently unload an old shed off the back of a flat-bed that his son-in-law was delivering.  Afterward, we went in, dried off a little (it was dark and raining cats and dogs), and got to talking.  We talked about a lot of things that had led up to that point, old history and fresh wounds.

At the end of the night, he and his wife sat down and prayed with me.  I felt bound up.  It literally felt as if I were tied with ropes to the point that I was having trouble breathing.  Now, I had felt that way to a certain extent all night long, but it really intensified when we began to pray.  But then…something strange happened.  As they were praying for my protection and proclaiming God’s sovereignty over my life against the enemy (devil, satan, adversary), it was as if all the ropes tying me up snapped.  Suddenly, I felt a surge of strength and courage.  I felt old wounds binding and healing.  I felt strong enough to face my current circumstances head-on, come what may.

It makes a great anecdote, but it makes an even better life.  I can feel a change in me since that happened.  I’m no longer procrastinating difficult things out of fear for how they’ll turn out.  When tough things are coming, I’m taking them by the horns and wrestling with them.  I don’t give up just because things don’t look so great.

I’m not saying that all the things in my life that have caused me hurt and held me back have disappeared or been completely healed.  I am still struggling with other things, but I have a different perspective.  I’m living in the reality of “if God is with me, what can be against me that He does not set in place?”  Christ is my Advocate before the Father, and He is my Advocate in all of my daily circumstances.

God heals.  He can and does.  He chooses when.  I don’t understand the reason or the method, but He does.  This healing is also the sum of the prayers that have been prayed for me (many of them by you who are reading this).  So, I beg of you, keep praying for me.  God is moving and working powerfully in my life.  I want His healing for all my hurts, burdens and sins.  I want that guilt and shame fully taken from my heart.  Your prayers are bearing fruit.  Please don’t stop.


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Niki said...

Love you brother! I'm praying. :)