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Monday, December 08, 2008

Jesús triunfa sobre Satanás en el glorioso deporte de lucha libre...then rides a dinosaur!

First things first, good news came back on Pilgrimguide.  They did a CT scan which showed no signs of metastasization to any of his organs.  Further, biopsies came back, and aside from a little look at the lymph nodes right next to the mass, they believe that the cancer is completely contained within the mass itself.  The lymph nodes are swollen, but they think that is because they are trying to fight the cancer.  Major relief and comfort for me.  After getting the good news, it finally became Christmas in my heart.

I found these on the Interwebz out there, and I had to share them.  The first one is a total gem.

Jesus defeats Satan in the honorable sport of Lucha Libre!  Woohoo! (I'd ask if this means I get to drink Tecate in church, but good beer and wine is an integral part of the fellowship already)

I'm left a bit dumbstruck by it, as I don't know what to make of it, exactly.  Does it make light of His suffering on the cross, or is it a great demonstration of his power over evil?  Perhaps it'd be a bit more meaningful if I were Hispanic.  But, if that's the case, isn't that akin to Jesus beating and bloodying the devil in the octagon, or throwing the winning touchdown against the San Francisco Demons in the Superbowl?  It was worth a laugh, anyway, and God can use foolishness to confound the wise.

This next one just blows me away...

  1. We don't know that the dinosaurs survived the biblical flood
  2. What the hell?!
I love the reasoning here, "We don't know this, but we'll say it probably happened because there's no evidence either way."  We don't know that the person who wrote that caption is a pedophilic psychopath who just got the job to be close to vulnerable people, but he probably is!  See, it works great no matter where you apply it!

Also, we know that Jesus was anglo or western Europapean of some sort so "Flesh of Christ" is a great descriptor for the "peachish" color.  I thought Crayola went overboard when they changed their crayon color name from "flesh" to "peach" with massive apologies and explanations, etc, etc, but this takes the cake at the opposite extreme.

I do have to say, that is a pretty badass picture.  It's one that would've made Constantine and Charlemagne proud.  I'd put a poster of that on my wall just for the sheer awesomeness of it.

Well, you don't know that I'm now going to go fight ninjas in order to save the earth from its ultimate destruction, but I probably am.


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