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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Broken for Y/you

Broken for you. Broken for You. This is a message the God has been speaking to me lately. Not in the way that modern Christendom conceives, but in a more individual sense, because God relates to and cares about me as a person, too. However, this message isn't just about me or just for me. It is for me to seek to share with others in word and in mission for Him.

It has come to my attention, lately, on so many excruciating levels of just how broken I am. I am not the man of love and peace I portray myself to be. I'm not the great husband and caring friend I fool myself into thinking I am. I'm not the perfect son, the righteous one of the flock carrying on in the way that is perfect. I'm full of anger, self-righteousness, self-loathing, fear, prejudice and imperfection of every kind. It hasn't been easy to constantly face and cope with this on a daily basis, as I have been, for the last month or so.

However, all is not lost. You see, I have been broken for you. Yes, you, reading this right now. You and I live in some sort of relationship which is an integral part of what constitutes the greater community that we exist in. However, I didn't just come to you fresh out of the box, perfect, happy, easy to get along with Jared. No. I came/come to you after years of hardship, of dysfunction, of pain, of rejection. I come to you of brokenness. But, that doesn't just amount to a hill of beans, nor merely add up to personal agony. You see, I'm broken for you. I'm broken so that God may find and test in you that which is good and right, that He has been forming in you. I've been broken so that when discord is created by difference or brokenness, that the drive for true unity and love may be brought to fruition. I've been broken so that my sharp edges and great differences can test the peace of Christ that is supposed to abide in you. I've been broken just for you.

Broken for You, You as in "God" You. I've been broken for His purposes. However, broken for Him is not so much me, but the church is broken for Him and His purposes. In all the politics, do I seek to love Him, because that brokenness is there to test my willingness to love and walk in unity when discord and strife appear unavoidable. Am I willing to love the church when it is hurting me or others when it should be loving them or I on God's behalf? What am I willing to do to see that unity realized? Am I willing to lay down my own anger, no matter how righteous it feels, no matter how deeply it seethes, to practice the unity that Christ prayed for in John 17? Just how far am I willing to go to see what God wants formed in me?

I am broken for you. The church is broken so that the love of Christ may be realized, and, ultimately, that He may be glorified. Embrace me in my brokenness. I will embrace you in the same. Together, we shall achieve God's call...for us.

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