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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jared needs...

I'm supposed to tag people who have to do this too, but I don't do that.  If you want to play along, awesome.  If not, good for you too.  If you're tagged, you tagged me, or I thought you'd find this funny.

Jared needs...
1. Jared needs to go! (the Subway one)
2. Jared needs to lay the smack down on these guys (already do on a daily basis)
3. Jared needs a lot more crotch room than you do (um...I won't dispute it)
4. Jared needs your support (always)
5. Jared needs to DIE! (Tell me what I did this time and let me get my sword)
6. Jared needs to kick it up a notch! (BAM!)
7. Jared needs tools
8. Jared needs a hyperbaric chamber
9. Jared needs to get Gus Frerotte the ball (Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings's defense, who is an awesome and fun crazy SOB)
10. Jared needs some playing time (do I ever)
11. Jared needs to be stopped! (NEVER!)
12. Jared needs to stop his useless, lie-gilled smear campaign (but I was having so much fun!)
13. Jared needs his own Supernatural episode to shine in (I'm already playing the part)
14. Jared needs to have his face crammed in (see #5)
15. Jared needs a heart transplant (great merciful crap! I only learned this now?!)

I bonused you five extra...you're welcome.

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