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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Kurt Cobain Guide to Success

Sounds like an oxy-moron, I know, but look at what Nirvana became! It was a major juggernaut in the music business at the time of Cobain's tragic death, and it changed the face of rock in the 90's (a vast understatement). The first four pointers below, I pulled from a website called Lateral Action, which is all about entrepreneurialism and innovation (if you're starting to think about inventing, innovation or starting a business, this is a website you can't afford to ignore). The fifth one was my own.

1. Break the status quo.
2. Mix innovation with fundamentals. It make you (or your product) so distinct from others, yet not alienate the core audience.
3. Bake the product into the marketing. Make something that your customers/target audience has to tell others about, or are incredibly motivated to pass along.
4. Be careful who you marry.
5. Don't do drugs. In the end, it leads you down the road to nowhere and abandons you.

I'm working hard at thinking on these things, and I would hope that my friends would be to. The road to freedom is paved by working for yourself. Relying on others for a paycheck merely provides a very false sense of security. You're always expendable, unless you work for you.

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