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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Solid Foundation

One hundred years ago, Dr. Charles Eliot proposed that he could fit on a five foot bookshelf the literature necessary to give a person a well rounded, liberal education (meaning arts, history, literature). I really like the premise. For one, it's simple. Not to mention, far less expensive than the two years of college tuition you spend paying for said education.

I want to ask my readers: Do you think that this is still possible in today's world? I'll even give you an extra foot added to the shelf (so six feet total), if you're on the fence. What books would you put up there? Is it even a relevant idea? Let's all agree to disagree agreeably before we get out the door on this one, mmmkay? (in my best Mr. Vandresen impression)

I'll post my thoughts in a couple of days, after the discussion is rolling.

Here are the links to Dr. Eliot's shelf:

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