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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Suddenly Arrested

I was going to blog about other things, today, but the news that Eunice Kennedy Shriver had passed on to the next life arrested my attention.

"What you do to the least of my brothers, I tell you, you also do unto me." A woman driven by her strong faith in Christ, a tragic pre-frontal lobotomy done to her older sister (which her parents were assured by their doctors would make her normal) and a passion to serve "the least of these" led to a life of service not matched by any of her siblings in the Kennedy clan. Hers was the humble route, spurning the fame, limelight and the social privilege of her name to serve underpriviliged children, people leaving incarceration, and, later, serving as vice-president and, eventually, president of the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr Foundation (named after her brother who died in the war), founded by her father, to advance rights and treatment of people with disabilities.

I'm truly saddened by this, our loss. She gave up a life of comfort, liesure and fame to serve the "untouchables" of our culture with love and humility. In so many ways, she is America's own Mother Teresa.

You should follow the link above. It has a much more full obituary that is very worth reading.

Her daughter is Maria Shriver, married to the Governator of Kali-forn-yuh. She and her husband, Sargent, are also survived by four sons.

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Looney Mom™ said...

She is one who will surely be missed. There should be more like her.

How you doing Li'l Brudder? Good I hope! Love ya.