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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving alone = good

Let me start off by saying that by the word "alone", I mean me and QueenJaymz. We spent Thanksgiving alone for the first time since we got married. We don't aspire to spend the holidays alone, however, we will no longer despise the thought.

What I learned on Thanksgiving of 2009:

A pitcher of great beer, a basket of crispy fries and a movie at a McMenamins resort is really pretty awesome on any day of the year.

Panda Express cooks almost all of their entrees to order on Thanksgiving day between 11am and 7pm, so it is fresh, and much more care is given to preparation, since there are so few people there. It is like gourmet Chinese.

It is truly better to be alone than to be with a bunch of other people related to each other, genuinely enjoying each other being reminded of all that you don't have while still feeling like an outsider.

It is truly better to be alone than deal with your own very dysfunctional family drama.

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Sherrie Lord said...

What still has me shaking my head is the number of people I wished a restful Thanksgiving last week who then replied that their holiday would be anything but restful. Gotta travel out of state, gotta put up with my sister's kids picking on my kid, gotta go to my brother-in-law's mini-mansion and listen to him brag about his financial success.

Hello? If it's that bad, why do you go? No victims here, only volunteers. It's your holiday; spend it the way you want.

We had a great Thanksgiving out, as well, KJ. Wonderful, someone waiting on me, no dishes, and no fridge full of leftovers that will be science experiments in 10 days. Ain't it great!?