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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Because it means something

I'm setting my goals for the year of 2010. I'm recording them here more for posterity than for feedback, but if you have a question or a suggestion that would help me achieve one of my goals, please feel free to share it.

The list is far from definitive. I'll probably be adding to it throughout the year. As I check off one challenge, another will need to arise to take its place. The list looks significantly more daunting that it is because I was detailed. I see most of these as bare minimums that I'm aiming for if everything in my life goes completely to hell. I plan on achieving much more than this. I'll be recording those, too.

I've also left a few out. Some are too personal for the social space I keep on the Internet. Others, too proprietary to allow others' eyes to take in. I've completely omitted my personal vocational goals, as it relates to me building my own business or intellectual property. You don't want to slap that just anywhere it can be seen.

You'll note that almost all goals are concretely defined, and those that aren't (with the "*" at the end) will be given those details later, or dropped. I will know at the end that I've done them, because they all have definitive language. I'm not just going to "be a better person" or "lose weight". I'm going to know what I want to master and how I will go about it. Goals without solid metrics of measurement aren't worth setting. I'll be a better person at the end of the year, and I'll know how I got there.

I'll remember 2009 as the year that I conquered my depression. 2010 will be for me the year that I conquered the world. Wish me well, but not luck. When you work hard enough, you make all the luck you need.

Jared King’s goals for 2010

Vocational Goals

  • Raise Postal Connections total sales to $500 daily M-F
  • Develop a self-perpetuating marketing campaign for the store

Personal Goals

Make a calendar to mark with all pertinent days so that I don’t have something sneak up on me!

  • Knit something beautiful

o Work on technique in my instruction book

o Knit a scarf (any stitch style)

o Knit a few wash cloths (maybe Pac-Man or Star Trek style)

  • Learn to play 10 songs fluently from memory on the ocarina

o Learn the proper music notation for the fingering sets on the ocarina so that I can read sheet music

o Work on scales

o Work on a minimum of 3 songs at a time

o Develop a routine for revisiting previously mastered songs so that they stay in my memory and repertoire

o Find other ocarinists in the local area to play with

  • Brew a “masterpiece” beer

o Brew for “survival” rather than buying beer at the store

o Make wine for Jen every 3 months

  • Read 36 books

o Read 3 books a month and log them at Goodreads.com to keep track

  • Work to develop meaningful community in our new apartment complex

o Host some parties (playoff parties, cocktail parties, barbecue cookouts)

o Develop strategies to interact with neighbors in a meaningful way

  • Become “more” Irish

o Start Irish-Gaelic lessons

o Try to find a cultural group to celebrate traditional holidays with and glean more information on my heritage from

o Read books on the history of Ireland

  • Send cards out on birthdays and anniversaries this year

o Make a calendar

o Buy cards in advance

Spiritual Goals

  • Find my ministry, and live it *
  • Invest in rereading the bible with new eyes

o Read some books on the historical context of the writings of the early church and NT period

  • Get some perspective on the context of the writings of Paul so I can like him again

    o Read some books on it

  • Reconnect with God on a more intimate level because I want to and because I crave that relationship*
  • Read some of the ex-canonical books of the NT, but especially 1 Clement

Go mbeannai Dia thu


SilverNeurotic said...

Good luck with your goals. I wish I knew how to knit. My mom tried to teach me once, but it didn't go very well.

Sherrie said...

You don't like Paul? I think he was about the best apostle. He wanted to make sure everybody understood, that nobody lived it out based on assumptions. A little rough and forceful, yes, but...he was Real. :-)

KingJaymz said...

Honestly, Sherrie, I don't like what Paul's writings have done to the church. We've used what he told others to develop a new Pharisaical code. I struggle with that a lot. Where's the line between grace and legalism? The church has used "contradictory" passages from Paul's own writings to wage war on each other over the issue, and then they don't even bother looking back to the stories of Jesus.

I imagine that if Paul and I lived during the same time and we knew each other, we'd totally be bros. He loved sports, loved to think about things very in depth and liked a good glass of wine.

But that's all fantasy. The reality is that he's long passed from this life and left behind writings that have been poorly interpreted to be judgmental and exclusionary for millenia. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I sure as hell don't like it. But I'd like to understand it better so that I could really get what he was trying to say.

R said...

No wonder it bothered you I didn't like St. Patrick's Day! I think I am Irish too! LOL!!!

I wish you all the best with everything you wish to pursue!